To be attentive in HERE AND NOW, without judgment, with an open mind ... a PRESENT.


Mindfulness is a method that teaches you to deal in an acceptable way with everything that presents itself in everyday life.

People are going to do mindfulness for a variety of reasons: to experience more rest, to worry less, to cope better with stress, to be able to concentrate better, to become happier, to be able to enjoy more, to work more effectively, to sleep better, ...

My own mindfulness practice showed me how much of my life happened on autopilot, which threatened me to walk past myself and was always looking for more and better ... the pleasant moments passed unnoticed. I have not found a panacea in mindfulness, it continues to practice and practice over and over again. 'Accepting what is' is the most valuable element that I remember on a daily basis.



Autumn 2019

From 16 October we will start a new 8-week training course for adults. Interested? Register quickly for this series of lessons.


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