About me

In 2009 I accidentally came into contact with mindfulness, which made me aware of another me and a flame was kindled that never went out, on the contrary ... my inquisitiveness led me to study psychology to build a solid background . In the meantime, mindfulness allowed me to consciously experience (and survive) the business world. Even as a fledgling mum of 2 lovely daughters, I experienced (and am still experiencing) the powers of mindfulness in my family. My personal conviction and the urge to share it motivated me to follow a training as a mindfulness trainer. After more than 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, a corporate reorganization gave me that extra push that was needed to free up more time for my passion and to gain practical experience. In the meantime, yoga and meditation have also become part of my daily life. With my vision of a healthy mind in a healthy body I also pay a lot of attention to healthy food and I use my knowledge as a herbalist where possible. From a social perspective, I am happy that I can contribute as a volunteer at HSP Flanders (association of highly sensitive people).



Masters in applied biological sciences (KULeuven)

Bachelor of Psychology (KULeuven)

Aggregate / education diploma in sciences (KULeuven)

Mindfulness trainer (I AM institute), adults and children

Herborist (SYNTRA Brussels)